My only interest in painting is really this metaphysical plane where the condition exists of no finish, no end, but infinite continuity. That is, the distributions of forms are in a condition which gives you the feeling that there was a structure unseen previous to what you see. Now this pause gives promise to future structures never finished, always looking as if they’re going to avoid this total immobility. That’s why I say it’s celestial.

- Phillip Guston, 1972

Maybe I identify with the spider. I’m the kind of person who works on something forever and then works on the same image again the next day.

-Vija Cemins, 2000

(Brooklyn, New York & – Romi Studio is delighted to present artworks by Magdalena Paz, Lucía Rodríguez Pérez, and Felipe Fredes in Artsy's Foundations Fair. Foundations, a new online fair curated by Artsy, spotlights fresh works from tastemaking galleries known for supporting emerging artists. This year’s fair includes presentations from more than 100 galleries across four continents, featuring rising and underrecognized talents from across the globe.

Our virtual booth unveils the exploration of artists who embrace the power of working serially, delving into the depths of their chosen medium, subject matter, color palettes, compositions, and styles. Through steadfast repetition and authentic interest, each work represents transient creations that seamlessly lead to the next, establishing a positive and regenerative feedback loop–leading to a beautiful and strong foundations.

For instance, Magdalena Paz’s “Houseplant” series was not born out of definitive endpoint but rather invites the viewer to perceive a structure that existed even before what is visible: the figures lifestyle, environment, and emotion. This sense of unseen underlying structures and inspirations, perpetually evolving and anticipating future forms, mirrors the process of artists working serially. Furthermore, the celestial quality in Lucía Rodríguez Pérez’s architectural-like paintings and Felipe Fredes’s five triptychs lies in the ability to transcend a “finished” work. By rejecting staleness and immobility, these artists tap into the realm of the celestial—entering a metaphysical plane, where their works become vessels of infinite potential, forever in motion, and continuously evolving. This booth is a celebration of this celestial quality and the ever-expanding artists, and invites viewers to contemplate the boundless, spontaneously sequential nature of creativity and artistic exploration.

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