Welcome Carina Sun!

by Romi Studio

Introducing our summer intern, Carina Sun! Carina is a talented rising Junior at Columbia College, where she is pursuing a dual degree in visual art and economics. Carina has an extensive background in the art market and fintech realm through working as an arts intern at Bloomberg. She also has founded a non-profit, DeclarASIAN, that empowers young Asians worldwide to explore and excel in artistic expression. We are excited for a fun, engaging, and fulfilling summer with Carina, and hopeful she learns a lot from her time here. Read on to learn more about Carina and her artistic interests below:

Favorite Romi Studio artist & why?

I love Lucía Rodríguez Pérez’s entire body of work, and it’s challenging to pick a particular piece because they all feel parts of a whole. If I had to pick a specific collection, it would be the balcony series. In this collection, her employment of color as a tool to sculpt architectural forms feels so nostalgic, like fleeting moments of sunrise long forgotten. I feel like I could just stare at these paintings forever.

As an Economics major with a concentration in Visual Arts at Columbia University, how do you bring both disciplines together?

I was initially drawn to studio art, but after taking an economics course at Columbia University and meeting so many interdisciplinary peers, I tried exploring alternative avenues to channel my passion for art. This led me to discovering more about the art market and its heavy influence on the economy. Through this, I became really interested in exploring the art market further, which is what brought me to Romi Studio!

What has been your favorite class at Columbia University?

Probably my first economics class: Principles of Economics, which was unexpected because I always assumed it would be a studio art class. For some reason, this class just really opened my eyes to a field of study I had never previously considered. It was challenging, but succeeding gave me a sense of accomplishment that was truly unmatched.

Who is your favorite artist of all time?

This is such a hard question, and honestly the answer changes for me. Right now, I really love the work of Ai WeiWei, who is most well known for his creation “Sunflower Seeds”. I first discovered this piece and I didn’t think much of it, but after reading about the intricate symbolism and meticulous production of the piece, I found a connection to and admiration of Ai. Many of his pieces draw inspiration from his childhood in China, and serve both as a token of memory and a call to resistance. My favorite part is reading about the inspiration behind each artwork, and understanding the profound depth of meaning embedded within his artwork.

What type of art are you drawn to?

I am most drawn to paintings and 2D media, because I think there’s something so beautiful about something that is confined to a canvas yet goes so far beyond. My favorite style is impressionism because of the whimsical colors and brushwork that form compositions where structures emerge, all tinged with a purposeful unclarity.

If you could have any contemporary artist come exhibit, perform, or speak at Romi Studio, who would it be?

I would really like to hear from Damien Hirst, who has made such great strides in defining contemporary art. His exploration of unconventional mediums and themes — especially in the “Natural History” collection — and his ability to create thought-provoking narratives would be fascinating to hear about.

What is the most exciting art-related project you’ve worked on?

I was able to work on some illustrations for a children’s book that a local author was publishing, and it was my first time being compensated for my artwork. It was a huge learning experience, and also allowed me to appreciate the value of my own artwork. It was also just incredibly rewarding to bring someone’s story to life through illustration.